Nature’s Gallery Court completed and ribbon cut!

Photo of Nature's Gallery Court Ribbon Cutting and Dedication

Saturday, June 9 marked the official dedication and ribbon-cutting of Nature’s Gallery Court. Donors, honorees, project supporters and their guests gathered this windy morning to celebrate the completion of a new campus landmark—the Nature’s Gallery Court GATEway Garden. Years-in-the-making, Nature’s Gallery Court would not have been possible without the energy and commitment of hundreds of students, faculty, staff and community members who, in 2007, hand-crafted over 140 tiles showcasing the Ruth Risdon Storer Garden’s drought-tolerant plants and their associated insects.

To commemorate the momentous occasion Kathleen Socolofsky, Director of the UC Davis Arboretum, spoke of community involvement in the project and the hundreds of people that participated in its planning, creation and funding; Diane Ullman, Co-founder of the UC Davis Art-Science Fusion Program and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Programs in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences gave a moving speech about the connection between science and the arts; Donna Billick, world-renown ceramic artist and Co-founder of the UC Davis Art-Science Program, inspired the audience by describing the physical and spiritual connection born during an experiential learning process; Warren Roberts, Superintendent Emeritus of the UC Davis Arboretum, eloquently described the project’s unique historical context and location; while other supporters powerfully relayed their reason for giving to support Nature’s Gallery Court. If all this weren’t enough, the UC Davis Arboretum also received a certificate of special congressional recognition for its work in the creation of Nature’s Gallery Court from Congressman Mike Thompson!

If you haven’t already, we hope you’ll visit Nature’s Gallery Court GATEway Garden soon!

Learn more about Nature’s Gallery Court and its construction here.

Check out a slideshow of photos from the event here.


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