New merchandise to help support outreach and education programs

oak leaf pin
With the help of Nancy Shapiro, Co-President of the Friends of the UC Davis Arboretum board, experienced jewelry designer and artisan, the Arboretum is delving into the world of retail product sales by creating one-of-a-kind pieces unique to its collections. To assist the Arboretum in this effort, UC Davis Campus Grown, a program whose mission is to transform unused assets into retail products, will expand to include a line of jewelry created from the leaves of valley oaks grown in the Arboretum. (See photo of oak pin above.)
In addition to jewelry, the Arboretum has found sales of Arboretum branded t-shirts popular with customers at its April Plant sales. Two different designs were available for purchase at the April 14th Plant Sale featuring the Arboretum 75th Anniversary logo and original art drawn by Nursery Manager Lisa Fowler. The t-shirts (shown below) will be available at our May 19th Plant Sale and then available for a limited time through the UC Davis Store located in downtown Davis.
Sales from the purchase of these items will provide another source of support for Arboretum collections and public education programs.

Arboretum 75th shirt

hummingbird shirt

This shirt features the Echeveria imbricata and a hummingbird drawn by Nursery Manager Lisa Fowler.


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