Arboretum Drive now open to bikes and pedestrians

Photo of the new Arboretum Drive entrance: Then & Now.

The construction involved in the creation of the newest portion of Arboretum Drive is complete and almost of all of the landscaping installed on this pedestrian and bikeway-only path formerly known as Old Davis Road.

In order to ease car congestion near the core of campus, “new” Old Davis Road leads visitors from the UC Davis freeway exit all the way to the City of Davis while the new Arboretum Drive (formerly Old Davis Road) is reserved for bikes and pedestrians. Does none of this make sense to you? Read more about this project and the road changes here.

Photo of staff and volunteer gardeners at the planting of the Arboretum Drive landscaping.

Photo caption: Some of the staff and volunteer gardeners responsible for installing the new landscape around the Arboretum Drive entry plaza.

One of the most exciting parts of this transformation was the creation of an Arboretum entry plaza near the campus’s front door, just past the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, in addition to an attractive brick walkway leading visitors into the Mary Wattis Brown Native Plant Garden. The plan is for plazas and pathways like this to appear throughout the Arboretum.

Narrowing the road and creating a thoroughfare for bikes and pedestrians opened up a significant area in need of landscaping. This portion of the project was managed by Stacey Parker, UC Davis Arboretum GATEways horticulturist. Her volunteers teamed up with other Arboretum volunteer gardening teams to create a landscape worthy of this high-profile entrance and transition seamlessly to nearby gardens.

This project also included a new entrance and exit from the UC Davis Arboretum’s T. Elliot Weier Redwood Grove and improved transitions from Arboretum pathways to the road. If you haven’t been to this area of campus in a while, it’s worth a trip just to enjoy a stroll along this new portion of Arboretum Drive without having to worry about car traffic.

CHECK OUT OUR SLIDESHOW of photos documenting the progress of this project.



  1. Margaret Kralovec April 30, 2013 Reply

    How special to view the conversion of Old Davis Road into the Arboretum Drive pedestrian and bike way. Thanks for this great slideshow!

    • Author
      Katie Hetrick May 3, 2013 Reply

      Glad you liked it! It’s a really great place to walk now!

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