Campus events large to small are covered!

Whether it’s graduations, football games, visits from the President of the United States, Picnic Day or the Whole Earth Festival…if it’s happening on campus, Arboretum and Public Garden team members from Grounds and Landscape Services are not only making these events possible, afterwards they’re making sure it looks as if they never happened! In partnership with the leadership of UC Davis Conference and Event Services, the work of our grounds staff is why this campus has the ability to manage the million plus visitors it receives each and every year. Our crews assist in planning events that happen on an annual basis as well as managing last minute requests. They even handle preparing for and cleaning up after major weather events (READ MORE)!

This is the time of year for every type of commencement ceremony you can think of. Arboretum and Public Garden Team members from Grounds and Landscapes Services are integral in the success and safety of each of these milestone events.

Photo of recent UC Davis graduates after commencement.

When President Clinton decides to “pop-in” on campus for a pre-election rally, crews from Grounds and Landscape Services make sure the operation runs smoothly from prepping the area, providing trash receptacles, setting up and taking down the stage and cleaning up afterwards. Oh, and then there’s the small issue of coordinating everything with the Secret Service! Our team makes it look easy!

Photo of President Clinton on the UC Davis Quad for a pre-election rally.

When former President Clinton decides to visit campus, our Grounds and Landscape Services team assists in making sure the event runs smoothly.

Grounds and Landscape Services manages the operations side of our campus’s successful “Zero Waste” program. National Geographic recently did a story about how Aggie Stadium is able to pull this off at large-scale sporting events. READ THE ARTICLE HERE.

Photo of National Geographic visiting UC Davis Aggie Stadium to feature Zero Waste implementation.

Waste Reduction and Recycling Coordinator Michelle La answers questions from a National Geographic news crew about Aggie Stadium’s “Zero Waste” implementation. Tyson Mantor and Greg Patzkowski, supervisors with Grounds and Landscape Services, manage the operation of the successful “Zero Waste” program at the stadium.



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