Winter storm damage and quick recovery


Photo of UC Davis Grounds and Landscape Services crew member cleaning up a tree that had fallen during an early winter 2012 storm.

Remember the series of storms that rolled over northern California from November 28 through December 4? If you thought our campus “weathered” the storm quite well, it’s probably because our Grounds and Landscape Services crew managed the problems before they were noticed!

Central campus lost a total of five trees, which, considering the size of our main campus canopy of over 11,000 trees, is remarkable given the strength and persistence that this series of storms presented. This accomplishment speaks volumes about the care our experienced teams give to maintaining these important campus assets on daily basis.

Cary Avery, associate director of Grounds and Landscape Services, took an optimistic view of the events, “The early winter storms meant our crews were about two weeks ahead on leaf removal. We handled a lot of clean-up all at once!”

Grounds staff worked around the clock to remove over 972 yards of green litter from campus streets, bike paths, sidewalks and landscaped areas. Not sure how much that is? Picture a football field covered with an inch of debris. Now cover it five more times. Our grounds staff used just about every tool in the book to get the campus clean and safe in less than two days.

Only one visible reminder of the storm remained until a couple weeks ago—a damaged planter and sidewalk outside of the Academic Surge building that crumbled when a tree uprooted and took a portion of the hardscape with it. Our own Civil and Industrial Services crew replaced the entire section and prepped it for new plantings. See photo below.

Photo of UC Davis Academic Surge buidling before and after storm damage.

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