Improved wayfinding signage installation begins

Photo of UC Davis campus wayfinding before and after the improvements.

Slowly but surely, our teams are working to get the million plus visitors that arrive on our campus annually to their destinations in a way that does not cause panic! You may have noticed that our previous wayfinding signage (shown above on the left) often abandoned its followers at the next intersection, leaving many frustrated and angry.

Photo of UC Davis Gateway district destinations.

Once arriving in a district, visitors will then be directed to the best place to park for major campus destinations.

To alleviate some of the issues involved with leading people to such a large number of destinations, UC Davis Campus Planner Bob Segar has divided the campus into four districts: Gateway, Pavilion, Quad, and Health Sciences. As long as visitors know what district their destination is in, these signs will lead them to the best place to park; from there maps and other pedestrian wayfinding signs will help lead them to their final destinations. Visitors will know when they have arrived in a district because the sign hierarchy changes (see photo below) and begins to include major destinations.

Funding for this first round of wayfinding signs, currently located only in the Gateway district, comes in part from the recently completed Old Davis Road re-routing project.  The signs were designed by Andrew Larsen and installed by staff from Civil Services, both Arboretum and Public Garden team members.

Don’t worry, we’ve only just begun! Communicating the district nomenclature across our campus community so that they can include the information where appropriate will take place as soon as the signs are installed throughout the campus’s four districts. For now, we hope you enjoy the sneak peek into our visitor-friendly campus improvements.

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VIEW A SLIDESHOW of new and old wayfinding signs.


  1. Mark VanderKlipp June 14, 2013 Reply

    Nice work! Awareness of districts and destinations will require a pretty robust communication effort, since visitors need to know prior to arriving which district to choose. How will this be managed?

    • Author
      Katie Hetrick June 14, 2013 Reply

      Hi Mark! This communication effort will be handled through our campus communications office who will assist in putting together a communications plan in addition to updating digital and print communications about the change.

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