Media coverage of shovel drive and plant sale

Photo of Ellen Zagory, director of horticulture for the UC Davis Arboretum, being interviewed by Alisa Becerra from Fox 40 news.

Ellen Zagory, UC Davis Arboretum director of horticulture was quite the rock star on local television leading up to and on the day of our first public plant sale on April 6. Getting coverage of both our shovel drive and the plant sale created a ton of buzz that translated into a fantastic day of fundraising for the Friends of the UC Davis Arboretum. If you missed any of the media, we’ve put together a recap below.

CBS Good Day Sacramento
Another piece appeared on the evening news, but we haven’t tracked that one down yet.

FOX 40
The link on the Fox 40 website already appears to have been removed. Below is a link to a YouTube video shot by Katie Hetrick, director of communications for the UC Davis Arboretum & public garden.

ABC News 10
Ellen appeared in the studio on Saturday morning.
This one takes a while to load…give it a chance…hopefully something will appear.

What is up with NBC? We hope to get them next time!

Print Promotions

28 March 2013 UC Davis Dateline: “Turning old shovels into vines at campus-city gateway”
29 March 2013 Davis Enterprise: “Dig in! Shovel donations sought for city/campus art project”
3 April 2013 Davis Enterprise: “The scoop on a sculpture of shovels: It’s about stories”
4 April 2013 Davis Enterprise: “Plant sale Saturday benefits Friends of the Arboretum”
6 April 2013 Sac Bee: “Seeds: UC Davis Arboretum presents Durable Delights”
17 April 2013 UC Davis Dateline: “The Arboretum: A play, a poet and a plethora of plants”
26 April 2013 UC Davis Dateline: “The Arboretum: Plants, turtles and laughs”
17 May 2013 UC Davis Dateline: “The Arboretum: Plants, bugs and a clearance sale”
25 July 2013 UC Davis Dateline: “The Arboretum: Folk music, curb appeal and beer”

Web Promotions

2 August 2013 UC Davis home page “Beer Tasting and Shovel Drive” Click here to see a static image.


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