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Did you know that the Sign Shop, formerly part of Facilities Management, is now part of Campus Planning and Community Resources?  On September 22nd it moved into a newly renovated shop space located at Civil & Industrial Services’ location on Garrod Road in West Campus.  This new alignment will consolidate the fabrication and printing of signage used for events, wayfinding,  street identification and traffic control.

CPCR has 32 directional signposts situated across campus which the Sign Shop updates with directional signage.  (See the photo below.)  With room for three signs on each placard, Vice Chancellor Meyer recently inquired as to whether or not their use was restricted to events.  From this observation came a welcome sign for students and parents of the class of 2015.

Image of event directional signage placard.

Going forward, the Sign Shop will be looking at further enhancements,  such as the incorporation of different colors, fonts and icons.  The Arboretum Plant Sale signs serve as a recent example.  They are moving cautiously in this direction in order to maintain campus identity standards.

Soon the Sign Shop will also be rolling out prototypes of new campus street signs that have been designed and created in-house.  These new signs meet the latest January 2012 standards and also include the campus wordmark.   Initial roll-out will be at West Village.  (See photo below.)

Image of mock-up street signs in the West Village neighborhood.

The CPCR Sign Shop may be reached at 754-5762 or through its portal at signage@ucdavis.edu.  The shop specializes in thermal transfer and cut vinyl on aluminum, steel, coroplast corrugated board and door magnetics.  The shop can accept most file formats and has the ability to remap to spot colors as well as convert graphic images into editable line art.


  1. Allison Mitchell March 22, 2012 Reply

    Fleet Services pointed me to this webpage for information on core campus vehicle logo signage, but I don’t see anything about this at this site. Can you please point me to the right page or person to find out about having signage done on our university vehicles?

    Thanks very much,
    Allison Mitchell

    • UC Davis Public Garden July 10, 2012 Reply

      Allison…so sorry for the late reply. Your post got buried in a bunch of spam. I’ve sent the sign shop a note and asked them to contact you. I’m sure you’ve already had your needs taken care of, but just in case you haven’t Terri Planiden from our sign shop will be contacting you. If you think of it will you send me the page on the Fleet Services website that directed you to this blog? I’d like to have them correct the mistake. Thank you!!

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