Summer student workers provide assistance and gain experience

Photo of Chancellor Katehi and Vice Chancellor Meyer speaking to the Arboretum and Public Garden's summer student workers.

UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi and Vice Chancellor John Meyer address students who worked with the Arboretum and Public Garden as well as Facilities Management over the summer. These students provided much needed staff assistance while gaining valuable work experience.

Managing a campus our size with lean staff support can mean tasks like weed control, tree trimming, power-washing, and pavement striping are not always at the top our maintenance task list, but that all changed over the summer when the Arboretum and Public Garden as well as Facilities Management, received some much needed assistance from 16 student workers.

The Chancellor challenged staff to hire more students, so with additional funding from our “parent” organization, UC Davis Administrative and Resource Management, we were able to manage a laundry list of deferred and ongoing maintenance and safety issues, improve areas vital to the campus’s first impression, and reinforce our sustainable landscaping efforts, all with student help.

The students not only learned more about their campus and its operation, they gained valuable work experience which, in many cases, directly applies to their areas of study. On top of that, their employment helped free our staff to focus on completing larger-scale projects while furthering our practice in mentoring students.

“Meet the students!” Peruse the thank you booklet below. which we provided to Vice Chancellor John Meyer, with an overview about the students who participated as well as information about the type of work they performed.




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