Boat dock removed from Arboretum waterway

Photo of boat dock removal from the UC Davis Arboretum waterway.

Staff from UC Davis Civil and Industrial Services remove the dilapidated boat dock from the Arboretum waterway.

Today, January 9, 2015, a team from UC Davis Civil and Industrial Services, led by Matt Hayes, operations engineer, removed the old Arboretum boat dock. It’s been hanging on for quite some time, but uneven, shaky footing combined with rotting wood and a weak attachment to land made the dock too unsafe for our visitors.

“It was an interesting experience floating the dock down the waterway then forklifting it out of the water all the time hoping it didn’t come apart,” said Cliff Contreras, director of transportation, airport, and parking services and civil and industrial services for UC Davis.

Will it be replaced? The answer right now is no, however, we’re currently working on re-imagining the entire Arboretum waterway and hope to include places, like this one, where visitors can get closer to nature.



California Native Plant GATEway Garden update

Photo of the construction of the UC Davis California Native Plant GATEway Garden.

The California Native Plant GATEway Garden takes shape as the shade structure, teaching patios, seating areas, pathways, and plantings are completed.

Thanks to dozens upon dozens of volunteers and a determined construction crew, the many features of the multifaceted California Native Plant GATEway Garden are taking shape.

The steel shade structure and soon-to-be support for multiple California native vines, including grapes, is complete; the boardwalk along with multiple benches milled from campus-grown or sustainably-harvested wood are in place, a runnel filtering stormwater from this landscape and into the Arboretum waterway is complete, the teaching patios and pathways of decomposed granite or pavers are nearing completion, and California native plants—thousands of them—have been planted by students and community members!

The finishing touches are slated for completion in January when the construction fencing will be removed.

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Volunteers plant California natives in new garden

Photo of volunteers from a community plantning day at the UC Davis Californiat Native Plant Garden.

Throughout November and December volunteers from student groups, community members, local Rotary Clubs as well as our long-term and loyal UC Davis Arboretum volunteers, have come out to the future site of the UC Davis California Native Plant GATEway Garden to help plant thousands of native grasses. We cannot thank them enough. Their investment in this educational and community resource is very much appreciated. We could not manage these large-scale improvements without their help.

SEE OUR PHOTO GALLERY from a few of our community planting days.

Check out the Sacramento Bee newspaper’s coverage:  A PERFECT DAY FOR PLANTING

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