Kendal Hicks

Kendal Hicks

Environmental Science and Management, Watershed Track

Waterway Stewardship Internship Student Co- Coordinator 2017-2018

I first became involved with the Arboretum and Public Garden Learning by Leading program when I applied for the position as a Student Co-Coordinator for the Waterway Stewardship Internship. I never considered myself a natural born leader, but working with the Arboretum has taught me that there is not only one type of leader. No matter where I go next, I know that I will utilize the skills that I have learned here. I can accomplish difficult tasks such as planting on steep slopes and preparing for our projects, but I can also communicate with many different people and reach out to my community.

All of the coordinators and interns are so friendly and instantly supportive. It was exactly what I needed in my final year of college. I also loved attending the other internships’ events throughout the year. The Arboretum staff were always available to answer my questions and work with us on specific projects. The Arboretum is unique in that it is interdisciplinary. I’ve worked with staff specializing in horticulture, landscape design, irrigation, restoration, communications, and more. Every time I collaborated with the staff, I received a very special learning experience since they are all experts in their fields.

By offering students a hands-on approach to learning, everyone obtains the ability to go beyond personal expectations and limits. I have seen each student in this internship, including myself, grow and learn every week. It is thrilling to see the impact this internship has on UC Davis students.

Joining the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden Learning by Leading Waterway Stewardship Internship was the best decision in my college career, and I am forever grateful for this experience.


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