Vivian Le

 Vivian Le
Civil Engineering- Emphasis in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

GATEways Outreach Program Student Coordinator, 2016- 2018

My experience at the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden as an intern and co-coordinator for the GATEways Outreach Program is unlike any other job or internship I could possibly have imagined being involved with upon coming to UC Davis. Through planning and implementing my own educational outreach events, I was able to improve my leadership skills and become more confident in tackling new challenges. Being given the creative independence from my staff mentor allowed me to hone my time management skills and develop strong communication and writing skills to work effectively with interns and peers. I learned by making mistakes and struggling –this gave me the chance to think critically and become adaptable to changes.

All the knowledge and skills I have gained would not have been possible without the support and kindness from the Arboretum staff and my staff mentor, Melissa Cruz. Their ambition and passion inspire me to give it my all. Some of the most significant leadership lessons I have learned are:

  1. Lead by example
  2. Be a good listen and communicator
  3. Try to understand where people come from and their values

Overall, my experience at the Arboretum is unique and has helped me become a stronger, independent, and open-minded individual. I have discovered my passion in being an educator and inspiring others do be the best they can be and help them achieve their goals. As I continue my professional career as a civil engineer I hope to one day continue my passion for education as a professor.



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