Vivian Sieu

Vivian Sieu
Environmental Science and Management
Arboretum Ambassador Intern, 2015-2017
Arboretum Ambassador Student Co- Coordinator, 2017-2018

The beauty of the Arboretum is one of the reasons I chose to come to UC Davis and was extremely excited to have an opportunity to work in this amazing space! My time here has been an integral part of my college career by giving me an opportunity to learn more about informal education techniques and working with others that share an interest in the environment with me. I have so many fond memories from our interactive weekly meetings filled with brainstorming to our sunny days out on Wyatt Deck for our events.

Joining this program has been the best decision I have made because of the close knit community I have become a part of. I am constantly surrounded by so much creativity and positivity from my fellow interns and the Arboretum staff.

Through the Arboretum Ambassador program, I have developed my leadership skill so much and improved my public speaking skills. This program has taught me a lot about working with others while leading them to develop their own skills and to maximize their abilities. What I learned at the Arboretum has been so important and will definitely carry with me into my future career.


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