UPDATE: Old Davis Road median conversion

spray mulch1The large median along Old Davis Road near the Mondavi Center for Performing Arts is in the process of being converted to a low-water, region-appropriate landscape. Because it may be a while before funding allows for a full-scale conversion similar to the median along La Rue Road, members of our Grounds and Landscape Services team contracted with an outside company to cover the area with a deep layer of mulch. Spraying mulch onto an area this size (.78 acres or 34,116 square feet)  is an economical way to spread a great deal of quality mulch quickly and evenly.

CHECK OUT the video below.

Special note: If you’ve thought that the trees along this corridor  look stressed, you are right, but it is not from lack of water;. These trees are on a separate irrigation system and will continue to be watered throughout the conversion process. However, this variety of  tree, the Platanus x acerifolia ‘Bloodgood’, or Bloodgood London planetree, is sensitive to our campus’s alkaline water, especially during the heat of summer. So, every year they look a little crispy, but every spring after losing their leaves in fall, they come around again!


Tribute tiles available in the Arboretum

Photo of tiles available for dedication in the UC Davis redwood grove.

Unique, custom-engraved tiles are available for dedication in the iconic T. Elliot Weier Redwood Grove.

Looking for a one-of-a kind gift or a lasting tribute to honor a special person who loved the Arboretum? Dedication tiles in the UC Davis Arboretum are a distinctive way to:

      • celebrate an anniversary, birthday, graduation or new baby
      • honor or remember loved ones
      • commemorate a special occasion or event

Become part of the many stories captured in Arboretum tribute tiles. Tiles are available in three locations: the majestic T. Elliot Weier Redwood Grove; the peaceful Peter J. Shields Oak Grove and the artistic Nature’s Gallery Court mural. Visit again and again with family and friends to stroll the Arboretum gardens and take pleasure in seeing your memories honored.

Photo of Nature's Gallery Court in the UC Davis Arboretum.

Butterfly and leaf tiles located on either side of the community-created Nature’s Gallery Court monument are available for dedication.

Reserve your tile by August 15, 2015 for fall engraving.

All dedication gifts help support the Arboretum’s free public gardens and programs so your tribute tile honors in a personal way while also giving back to the entire community. Each tribute tile is hand-crafted and the til you dedicate will be engraved with your custom inscription. Tile dedication prices range from $1,000 to $1,500 depending on tile location and size.

Photo of Oak Circle of Life tiled bench in the UC Davis Peter J. Shields Oak Grove.

Tiles on the Oak CIrcle of LIfe bench (seen above) and other locations within our Peter J. Shields Oak Grove are perfect tributes for special occasions and people.

Contact Suzanne Ullensvang, Resource Development Manager, at sullensvang@ucdavis.edu or (530) 752-8324 for additional information or to reserve a tile.

JOIN OUR TEAM! Groundskeeper job opportunity open at the UC Davis Arboretum

Photo of staff, students and volunteers  planting the landscape at the new UC Davis Putah Creek Lodge Parking Lot.

Staff, volunteers and students help plant a large landscaped area in the campus Health Sciences District.

We’re hiring a groundskeeper for the Arboretum. This position will provide landscape maintenance and outdoor custodial services for the Arboretum with occasional assignments located elsewhere on campus to meet emergency needs.

Learn more, DOWNLOAD the complete position summary.

TO APPLY, go to this web page then search “groundskeeper” under the “Position” field. This will bring up the listing “Groundskeeper-Arboretum.” To get to the position description and apply click “View” underneath “Groundskeeper-Arboretum.”

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