A Big Thank You


THANK YOU to everyone who supported the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden during the Big Days of Giving on May 3 and 4. We are very grateful for the patience and perseverance of the many donors who took the time to give – despite the technical issues with the giving website – and we appreciate everyone who helped us spread the word with your conversations, emails, posts and tweets!

LEARN MORE about the hummingbird demonstration garden project.

Thanks to your efforts we exceeded our $20,000 goal and raised over $23,000 during the Big Days of Giving. Those contributions, plus the $20,000 from our generous matching challenge donors, will provide a total of $43,000 to support the creation of a new Hummingbird Demonstration Garden in the UC Davis Arboretum.

It was heart-warming to see the outpouring of support for the 570+ non-profits participating in Big Day of Giving and to witness the generosity and resiliency of our region in the face of unexpected challenges. A big round of congratulations to all the non-profits involved, the many donors, and the Sacramento Region Community Foundation for their leadership through the Big Days of Giving.

There are a few glitches from the day that are still being sorted out. If you believe you made a contribution to the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden but did not receive an email receipt or were inadvertently charged twice via the Big Day of Giving website, please contact us during regular business hours at (530) 752-4880 or email Roxanne at rgloe@ucdavis.edu and we can help answer questions and resolve issues. If you missed out on giving during May 3-4 but would still like to contribute to the Hummingbird Demonstration Garden, our giving page is still open HERE.

We are pleased to recognize our Big Days of Giving donors.

First, a very special thanks to our challenge matching donors who made early commitments to inspire others (LEARN MORE):

The Anderson Trueblood Family
James and Jacqueline Ames
Pam Marrone and Mick Rogers

Thank you to these donors who made gifts on May 3 and 4 during Big Days of Giving:

Anonymous (10)
Jacqueline & James Ames
Cynthia Anders
Julia AueMarco & Denise Babich
Vanessa Baird
Cidney Barcellos
Sheila Beauchamp
Ruth Beckon
Sylvia Bender
Carol Benedetti
Betty & Richard Berteaux
Doris Blaker
Judith Blum
Paul & Dianna Brink
Karen Broido
Rose Cabral
Dawn Calciano
Beth Camero
Frank & Suzanne Chan
Frederic Conte
Phyllis Corcoran-Woods
Ann & Fred Costello
Christina Craig-Veit
Don & Nancy Crosby
Candace Cross-Drew
Lois & John Crowe
Ann Daniel
AnnMaria De Grassi
Debra Denton
Christy & Chris Dewees
Dana Drennan
Cathy Dycaico
Jane Elmore
Thomas Farley
Lisa Farquhar
Carmia Feldman
Sara Ferguson
Kenneth Firestein
Evan Fletcher
Patti Fletcher
Elaine Franco
Lucas & Stacie Frerichs
Andy Gagnon
Dahlia Garas
Kathleen Gill
Larry Greene
Patricia Greene
Julie Gussman
W. David Haggerty, Jr.
Jameson Hall
Lesley Hamamoto
David Hance
Christine Hance
Nicole Hart
Joanne Hatchett
Judy Hecomovich
Katherine Hellesen
Carol Hemingway
Katie & Eric Hetrick
LuAnn Higgs
Joyce Hirano
Michael Hirst
Susan Hodell
Timothy D. Inouye
Denise Jones
Jennifer Jones
Ken & Nancy Kahn
Cathryn & Robert Kerr
Marilyn Kinsey
Carol Knight
Barbara Kroesch
Richard & Julia Kulmann
Bill & Laura Lacy
Frank Laurich

Cathy Leach
Marshall Lee
John & Trina Lee
Ernie & Mary Ann Lewis
Mark & Lorene Liebert
Huey LinGarth Lindley
Melanie Loo
Michael Lopez
Kerry Loux
Mark K. Mancl
Tece Markel
Rich Marovich
Kate Mawdsley
Phyllis & Alex McCalla
Terry McDowell
Kathy McIntosh-Smith
Karen McNally
John McWilliams
Vicki & Paul Moering
Gerald Mohlenbrok
Marjorie Muck
Susan Nishio
Harvey Yan & Tanya Noda Yan
Barbara Ohlendorf
Donnette Orsi
Lori Ann Pardau
Jeanette Pleasure
Beth Pollard
Leialoha Putney
Carolyn Rannefeld
Lia Ray
Martha & Fred Rehrman
Keith Rhode
Kevin Rice
Dana Richards
Warren Roberts
Jeannette Robertson
Nancy & Bill Roe
Mary & Ron Rogers
Laurie & Bob Rollins
Grace & John Rosenquist
Paula Rouse
Therese Ruth
Sherri Sandberg
Michele Santoro
Linda Schaale
Patricia Schink
Wendy Huber & Francis Sheehan
Jacquelin Siegel
Cynthia Silvia
Stephen Bick & Jill Slater
Robert Snider
Kathleen Socolofsky & Robert Gregoire
Calista Sordelet
Tom & Meg Stallard
Linda Sternberg
Christopher & Mary Stokes
Steve Stombler
Audrey Stoye
Lucy & John Strandberg
Maril Stratton
Margo Surovikbohnert
Joan Swanson
Bette & Howard Swarts
Charles Turner
Ken Naganuma & Suzanne Ullensvang
Edith Vermeij
Bruce Watros
Georgie Waugh
Eric Webb
Joellen Welsch
Martha West
Douglas West
Judith Wydick
Zarah Wyly
Charlotte Xanders
Julie Young


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