Arboretum detour planned for winter

Image of campus map detail showing UC Davis Arboretum loop detour plan.To ease the car traffic congestion circulating near high-use bike and pedestrian pathways and accommodate university growth, the roadway around our main campus is expanding.

Starting Tuesday, December 18, 2012, drivers taking the UC Davis exit off 80 who want to get downtown or travel the “UC Davis Loop” will now go straight on Old Davis Road at the stoplight by the Mondavi Center and travel past the campus’s Hyatt Hotel; this is now a through road and continues all the way to First Street where the City of Davis meets our campus border. (See highlighted pink area on map.)

The old, Old Davis Road between A Street and Mrak Hall Drive will be closed to car traffic and narrowed to create a pedestrian path and bikeway. (See highlighted blue area on map.) Arboretum landscapes and collections will fill in where road is removed. This area of the road will be renamed Arboretum Drive.

Detours will route visitors walking the “Arboretum loop” around construction zones after December 25. The areas affected include our California Foothills collection, the Mary Wattis Brown Garden of California Native Plants and the T. Elliot Weier Redwood Grove. You can still visit these areas, but will have to follow the signs to detour around construction zones. The detours will be in place for approximately six weeks or longer depending on the weather.

DOWNLOAD a map showing the Arboretum loop detour route here. (Adobe Acrobat required.)

Read the UC Davis Dateline article about this project.


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