Ella Groff

Ella Groff
Sustainable Environmental Design
Museum Education Student Co-Coordinator 2017-2018

Although short, my time working at the Arboretum impacted me more than any other experience that I had throughout my time at UC Davis. My experience with the Museum Education internship was really unique because I was able to shape the program in it’s first year and impact how it would run in the future. I thrived in this environment, largely thanks to our staff mentor, Maya Makker, who gave myself and my co-coordinator, Ryan, room to give a lot of input in how the program evolved. This experience taught me that I have a passion for taking on large projects and working collaboratively to create something new, which is something that I will search for in future jobs. My early experiences in the internship inspired me to get a minor in education and pursue opportunities to work in environmental education in the future.

One of the things that I appreciated most about working at the Arboretum as a student was the level of respect that was given to me by the staff. Working alongside professionals helped me gain a lot of confidence in my abilities. I loved that my job spanned beyond just my intern team and allowed me to interact with other staff members because I was able to learn a lot about networking, professionalism, and how a real non-profit operates. More than anything, the Arboretum was a place that I could really be myself- and push myself to be even better!


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