Grounds & Landscape Services secures grant for 100 new trees

Photo of UC Davis Grounds and Landscape Services crew planting a valley oak near the Silo.

UC Davis Grounds and Landscape Services crews plant new trees and maintain the thousands of trees that create our majestic campus tree canopy.

Thanks to a partnership with Tree Davis (website), UC Davis Grounds and Landscape Services has secured a grant to receive 100 trees.

The grant is administered by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection’s Urban Forestry Program whose mission is to advance the development of sustainable urban and community forests in California. UC Davis is the perfect place to help them accomplish their goal!

Skip Mezger, Campus Landscape Architect, has plotted out a plan for the tree plantings. Some will be replacements for trees removed due to health or safety reasons, others will find their homes in new places. The trees we receive will be 15 gallon size and usually cost anywhere between $49 and $69. According to Cary Avery, Landscape Superintendent, “This grant is saving our division almost $7,000.”

Keep your eyes peeled for the influx of new valley oaks, Virginia oaks, red oaks, sunshine elms, frontier elms & Formosan flame trees that are scheduled for planting this spring!

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