Levy Hernandez

Levy Hernandez
Landscape Architecture

Sustainable Horticulture Student 2015-2017

Landscape Assistant 2016-2017

Sustainable Horticulture Co- Coordinator 2017-2018

As a student in the landscape architecture program here at UC Davis, a lot of the work we do in the studio classes is for theoretical projects. With my time at the arboretum, however, it’s been really great to put to work the design skills I’ve gained into real-world projects. Allowing the knowledge I’ve gained in classes related to horticulture, ecology, and sustainability to naturally flow into my work has incidentally shaped my future career goals, as these are now subjects that I’m now more deeply passionate about then ever. I’m particularly interested by how the built environment affects one’s perception of the world and their position within it. I want to employ landscape architecture as a means to help human beings live more harmoniously with the world and its processes, particularly, making cities more sustainable and resilient.

Getting the chance to work outside with other members of the campus and Davis community has also inspired me to never lose out on those kinds of those types of on- the-ground, community engagement/involvement opportunities wherever I go into professional practice.

During the 2017-2018 academic year, I took on the co-coordinator position for the Sustainable Horticulture internship offered through the LxL program. I naturally am more of a reserved individual and before taking on this position, I would not have considered myself much of a leader. My time has co-coordinator has allowed me to become more comfortable with administrative positions, to see where my strengths as well as where there’s need for improvement. I’ve improved my management skills when it comes to projects, time or a group itself, and have honed my strengths in plant taxonomy, group inclusivity and maintaining a positive energy.

I’ve learned tons from working alongside such knowledgeable individuals at the Arboretum. Whenever I was unclear on something or needed some form of guidance, I could always count on someone being there to help me, particularly during my time in the leadership position. I must give a special thanks to Ryan Deering and Emily Griswold, both who I have worked closely with and have gained invaluable knowledge (and friendships!) from.


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