Visit Putah Creek Riparian Reserve

First time visitors to the Reserve should consider starting their visit from the Levee Road trailhead.

First time visitors to the Reserve should start at the Levee Road trailhead (see map left). From this location, visitors can get an overview of the Reserve and its variety of ecosystems.

Upon arriving, park in the gravel lot and walk upstream; if you are facing the creek from the parking lot, this means walking to your right. There are two trails in this direction, a lower and upper one. Take the lower trail along the creek then loop back around on the upper trail. You will arrive back to where you parked, but if you would like to keep going and explore another part of the Reserve, keep hiking downstream. In this direction, you will have views of restored native grasslands, prime habitat for hawks. You can hike all the way to Old Davis Road on this trail. Turn around and take the same trail back to your car, or you can walk the top of the levee.

Portable toilets are coming the summer of 2017, but just in case, go before you go! Please limit your adventures to the north side of the creek; this is university property. For more use rules, regulations and information visit putahcreek.ucdavis.edu.

For other trailhead locations visit the UC Davis campus map. Click on “Places of Interest” in the left-hand navigation column then click the toggle “Putah Creek Riparian Reserve Trailheads.”

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