Yarn bomb goes off in the Australian collection!

Photo of UC Davis Design 70 students next to their "yarn-bombed" eucalyptus tree.

If you haven’t been to the UC Davis Arboretum’s Australian collection lately now is the time to go—our trees and shrubs have been “yarn bombed.” The installation called “Natural Transformations” was created by students in Professor Ann Savageau’s Design 70 class who transformed the environment so that viewers would have a new and heightened appreciation for their surroundings.

Your appreciation for this collection will most definitely be heightened! If you’ve always loved this area of the Arboretum, exploring the tactile element inherent in this project will get you looking at the plants in a new way. You’ll notice the juxtaposition of the yarn texture against the peeling bark of a eucalyptus tree and appreciate how a spider web, synthetic or not, could fit naturally between its limbs!

Yarn bomb locations are currently around Cruess Hall and at the east end of the Arboretum in the Australian collection…see if the crocheted koala bear is still perched in one of the trees!

Link to more information about yarn bombs on Wikipedia.
Link to article about the project in the California Aggie.

View slideshow of installation here:


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